What my clients have said

Alexandra Stalder is highly skilled in achieving enduring change in people’s attitudes, conduct and collaboration, be it in individual or group coachings. While doing so, she displays the highest level of empathy, positive energy and professionalism.

Member of several Governing Boards

Alexandra helped me to find my way back to normality during a very difficult phase in my career. Thanks to her people-competency she guided me step-by-step to the source of my problems. This self-revelation showed me that every person is able to change and to unshackle himself from patterns of the past. Thanks to these processes, I have become stronger and clearer in dealing with people and especially in leading co-workers. I am deeply grateful to Alexandra and gladly recommend her to all who are ready for a change.

Member Management Board, large-scale enterprise


Changes are always a major challenge for me – I hold familiar things dear whilst while new things discomfort me. This bias influences my actions in all fields of life. Through working with Alexandra, I learned to shake those fears and act more confidently. Back to the driver’s seat. Alexandra is extraordinarily capable to putting herself in her client’s shoes and asking the appropriate questions in order to trigger a thought process and associated actions. Reducing ballast, strengthening conflict ability, creating head space for oneself – are some of the examples of how I have consolidated myself. I wholeheartedly recommend Alexandra Stalder’s support.

Future Executive


Alexandra guides through the coaching process with clarity and determination. Her questions are so penetrating that evasion is futile and one is confronted with one’s own soft spots. Alexandra’s mental strength, her assuredness of the process and her intuition assist and move you on your way to self-realization. Solutions and lines of action are quickly developed and can be applied immediately. Old and inhibiting patterns of behaviour and blockages get resolved. My view on things gets clearer and my ease is restored.

Private Client

Alexandra analyses situations quickly and precisely and has a very fine antenna for people. Through her I have been able to view difficult leadership situations from different perspectives and thus found my way to develop successful and authentic solutions. She has become one of my most important consultants.

Chief Operating Officer

Alexandra accompanied me with great empathy, competence and kindness through a very difficult phase in my life (dismissal from work). Her coaching, profundity and intuition supported me in accepting my situation. This enabled me to look to the future with strength and the confidence to make important decisions.

Private Client


I was close to complete exhaustion. Alexandra helped me to recognize, to understand and to come to terms with the situation. Thanks to her profound understanding of exhaustion/burn-out and her high people-competence she was able to offer just the right method for me. This way I was able to optimize my workday, to implement my style of leadership authentically and to improve my time management as a top manager. She helped me to understand my emotions in conflict situations, to let go of the past, to build resilience and to greatly improve my communication with colleagues. Thanks to her far-reaching network I was able get the necessary support in a variety of fields (doctors, clinics, nutrition) leading to my good work-life balance of today. I thank Alexandra very much for her invaluable help and wish her continued success!

C-Level Executive


Alexandra lead me professionally through a difficult and oppressive phase in my life. With her competence, naturalness and approachability it was easy for me to open up. Alexandra is a wonderful listener and understood how to use pointed questions to see my point of view from another level. Today I am able to deal much better with situations of conflict and employee decisions at work. Today I can live and lead authentically. My heartfelt thanks for the superb help!

Managing Director