This is your path


Enable growth
Activate new topics
Use hidden talents
Achieve effective impact
Attain mental stability

«I know my core potential»


Recognize comfort zones
Discover internal blockages
Identify external resistance
Understand feelings and emotions
Reveal connections

«I realize what is possible»


Successfully resolve conflicts
Decide with self-assurance
Communicate appropriately
Manage relationships well
Act authentically

«I am in the driver's seat»

This is how we proceed

Initial Contact

During our first meeting we assess our compatibility. We will look at your situation and I will assist you in formulating the goal of the mandate . Afterwards we determine how frequent and in which form we will work together (in person, in a team or virtually). 


The analysis is an intense part our work together. I will guide you through the systemic coaching process employing various tried and tested methods. Optionally you can complement the process with a personality profile.


The initial understanding does not guarantee the ability to implement and apply your new skills. Only when you can consciously apply and test them the effect will set in. In order to ensure a successful implementation of your learnings, you will be given specific assignments. You will e.g. learn to reflect, receive feedback and will implement the developed solutions and measures. Some things have to be consciously experienced, others will happen on their own. This way you will progressively climb into the driver’s seat.

...and afterwards?...

Even after the coaching, do not hesitate to get in contact with me. Sometimes we get stuck which is normal for a change process and a short call will help.

My motivation

When a client is in the driver seat and achieves his goals - without effort and through inner strength - then the coaching was successful.

I am motivated to accompany executives, form alliances and enable them to act with authenticity and integrity.

At the beginning, the situation seems to be complicated or too complex for the client. If you look more closely at it, in a methodological and structured way, the client recognizes the real problem - a blind spot. This is a liberating process.

I am driven by a client recognizing a challenging situation to be a chance for change – independently from his position or role.

When talents and resources are identified and used, people are content, healthy and powerful. I enjoy the moment when this happens.

You can count on this

Come on, let’s have a closer look at this!

Tell me, what is your share in this problem?

I understand that you do not want to look at this right now, but let’s take a step in that direction. I'll lead you through it.

Might I suggest you put your ego aside.

Leadership and productivity are directly related. How do you lead?

Get out of your comfort zone and into real life!

What does the other person need? What do you need?

Do you know the other’s true intention? Let’s have a look at that.

Transformation will not be successful without empathy and authenticity.

From appreciation to added value is easily said, but how do you know what the other appreciates?


These are my clients


My business clients are e.g. governing board members, top executives and future leaders.

Typical topics are:

Leadership Alliance Culture 

Handling of challenging situations or inter-personal relationships

Transformation and leadership

Personal development and growth

Communication, conflicts, positioning

Leadership development
Outplacement / New placement


I work with individuals, their partners and family members

Typical topics are:

All types of personal problems


Conflicts, Communication

Stress management

Fears and blockages

Career planning / New placement

My mandates

My clients are executives, managing directors and/or board members and work in these companies:

Manor AG, Basel
Migros Genossenschaftsbund MGB (Marketing), Zürich
Swiss Re Group, Zürich
Grand Hotel Kronenhof, Pontresina (Engadiner Kulm AG St. Moritz)
Swica, Zürich
Roche AG, Basel
Admeira AG, Zürich
Flyeralarm, Schweiz
SAP, Deutschland
Google, Schweiz
Valora Schweiz AG, Muttenz
Baker McKenzie, Zürich
Infinitas Capital AG, Basel